WhatsApp: Ten applications similar to this chat

When we found this informative article we were so pleased, having hunted for over a year for this, finding it on this blog was an exciting time for yours truly.

In some extreme cases the phone lines may collapse, such as earthquakes, disasters or outages. These 10 applications can take into account the services or applications like emergency.

‘Line’ was born in Japan (2011) and has become, in recent years, very popular in Asian and European countries. This app is free and can be compatible with mobile devices both iOS and Android. Their system allows users to send images, videos, audio messages and make VoIP calls.


‘Telegram’ is a Russian-messaging application is available for both iOS and Android. Just like WhatsApp, this app allows users chat for free and without advertising.


‘Spotbros’ is a Spanish server that has the advantage of automatically delete messages that are within chats, after thirty days of being generated. This chat competes in the market with ‘WhatsApp’, thanks to its security system. You can find available for both iOS and Android.


‘ChatOn’ Samsung is an application that allows its users to chat individually and in groups, in the same way that ‘WhatsApp’. What sets this server, the rest is that it gives the opportunity to create their own drawings, encourage them and then send them to others as images. This app can be found available for Android and iOS operators.


Another service is well known IM ‘Viber’. This application not only allows you to chat to your users, you can also make free calls. However, the only requirement is an operator with exceeding 3G system. It can be used on iOS, Android systems, among others.

Voxer Walkie Talkie PTT

This application allows users to send and receive voice messages direct as the remembered ‘walkie talkie’ or Nextel service performed. Through this app you can also send pictures, videos, and share your location. You can buy ‘Voxer Walkie Talkie PTT’ on iOs and Android.


‘WeChat’ is another mobile chat that has been created in China, in 2011 and can be compatible with iOS and Android. The difference of this app is that you can make free calls between users who use this courier.

Facebook Messenger

‘Messenger Facebook works like an instant messaging service that goes hand in hand with the Facebook account. This application currently allows, send voice messages (such as Whatsapp) and can be found available for iOS and Android.


This instant messaging service is what was formerly known as ‘Google Talk’. This chat has the same functions as the ‘WhatsApp’, but also has the ability to alert users if they have received messages to your gmail inbox. It can also be found on iOS and Android.


‘Skype’ started as a voice designed to videdo and application. Due to its popularity, was acquiring other services, such as instant messaging. It is widely used for ‘conference calls’ labor. The platforms that accept this service on your operating system are mainly iOs and Android.